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Apart from relaxing on the beach and basking in the sun in front of one of the Puerto Galera resorts, there are lots of activities and adventures in store for you in Puerto Galera.

Within a short distance from Puerto Galera, you can visit many interesting places such as Tamaraw Falls, the Mangyan Villages (native Mindoro inhabitants),  and Aklag River. Maybe you can spend the afternoon playing golf at the Ponderosa Golf Club 1,700 feet above sea level. You could also go jungle trekking, climb Mt. Malisimbo, sail to other nearby Islands, or rent a motorbike and explore the area on your own. It's really an adventure-seeker's paradise!

Mermaid Resort, with our registered tour guide staff, can help you arrange any kind of tour to satisfy your need for adventure and new experiences.

1. Trek to Tamaraw Falls

tamaraw Tamaraw Falls is about 10 kilometers outside Puerto Galera. Here you can enjoy a picnic in the scenic area and take a refreshing swim in the natural swimming pool. Nearby you can find Villaflor, a nice sandy beach ensconced in a fishing village.

2. Take on Water Sports and Kayak Safari

kayak There are many opportunities for water-related activities. You can do snorkeling, ride a banca or a speedboat, go water skiing, rent a jet-ski, have fun on the banana boat, and so on. You want to try going on a kayak safari up the streams of the San Rafael River? We'll arrange that for you.

3. Play Golf at the Ponderosa Golf Course

golf This is a one-of-a-kind 9-hole golf course situated on a 2,000-feet high mountain. Whether you’re a golf aficionado or a first-time golfer, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play amidst the breathtaking panoramic view of the entire Puerto Galera cove and its surrounding islands. All golf equipment can be rented and the green fee more than reasonable.

4. Have a Paint Ball Challenge in the Jungle

paintball Action is the name of the game when you blast away at your opponents with paintball bullets in a scenic jungle location. This adventure includes a boat ride to the location together with a beach barbeque and the opportunity to go swimming and snorkeling.

5. Experience the Calapan Cockfights

cockfight Every Sunday is a good time to visit the provincial capital, Calapan, a good 3-hour jeepney drive away from Puerto Galera. The way to Calapan is a rather rough drive, but on the way you can enjoy breathtaking views and beautiful calamansi plantations. In Calapan, you can buy items at bargain prices, but if you’re not into shopping, we’ll take you straight to the big event of the day -- the cockfights.

6. Marvel at the Culture of the Mangyans

mangyan The Mangyans are the original inhabitants of Mindoro. They are very nomadic, and they try to avoid outside influences as much as possible. As the years went by, they gradually moved away from other settlers; thus, whereas they used to live by the sea, now they have settled in mountainous areas. You need a guide to visit their village so that you will be given a warm welcome. The Mangyans are very shy, so make sure you have been given permission to take photos before firing away.

7. Road Trip on a Motorcycle

motorcycle If you want to explore the area on your own or together with your partner, you can rent a four-wheel motorbike at Mermaid Resort. These motorbikes are safe and comfortable to drive, and you are in for an exciting day with great views, beautiful beaches, and much more...

8. Island Hop and Barbecue at the Beach

island_hopping Want a worry-free trip? Allow Mermaid Resort to take care of all the details. Go swimming or sun-bathing at one of the undisturbed beaches in Puerto Galera. We’ll take care of arranging your tour boat trip and your beach barbecue with cold beers and soft drinks.

9. Go on a Shopping Spree


Get a haircut. It will only cost you around 100 pesos (less than 2 USD) and that includes a relaxing neck massage, too. You can also check out the different shops offering handmade crafts, clothes, jewelry, liquor, cell phone accessories, etc. If you want to do some shopping in some of the large malls in Manila, we can arrange a shopping tour or provide you with directions.

10. Revel in Sabang's Lively Night Life

nightlife Enjoy the exciting Sabang night life in a tropical atmosphere. Sabang's night life district offers discos, pubs, pool bars, and exotic dance bars. Mermaid Resort also has an exclusive restaurant and cocktail bar as well as the cosy cafe at the Mermaid Dive Center.

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