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Dive Sites 34 to 44 Mermaid Resort in Puerto Galera will be your guide!

34. The Steps

The Steps offers a multilevel dive through a chain of reefs, walls, and varying underwater forms with a depth range of 5 meters / 17 feet to 30 meters / 99 feet.

Reached as part of the Kilima Drift dive, this area is exploding with marine life. Seen here are Batfish, Tuna, Surgeonfish, Eagle Rays, Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Boxfish and Porcupinefish in the middle of fields of Gorgonians, Basket Sponges and Mushroom Corals.

35. Kilima Drift

The Kilima Drift offers one of the most exciting drift dives in Sabang, Puerto Galera.

Depth ranges from 12 meters / 40 feet to 30 meters / 99 feet and is only recommended for advanced divers. This dive should never be attempted without an experienced guide as currents here can reach up to 6 knots.

There are a host of Sea Whips, Siphon Sponges and Gorgonian Fans that cling to rocks along the ocean floor. During the drift, divers can swim side by side Giant Tuna, Spanish Mackerel, Jacks, Barracuda, Rainbow Runners as well as smaller fish.

36. Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock is a perfect advanced dive spot found at the bottom of Sinandigan Wall.

This rock takes on the shape of a turtle found at around 45 meters / 149 feet underwater.

The site is beaming with marine life like Sweetlips, Snappers, Turtles, Whitetip Sharks, Emperor Angelfish and Nudibranchs amid Gorgonian Sea Fans and Whip Corals.

37. The Boulders

The Boulders with a depth range if 3 meters / 10 feet to 21 meters / 69 feet is best dived during flood tide.

Perfect for wide-angle and macro photography for the colorful marine life found in these waters. Divers are treated to populations of Gorgonians, Basket Sponges, Soft Tree Corals which make up the living space of Blue-fingered Starfish, Sea Cucumbers, Stonefish, Scorpion Fish, Lionfish, Spotted Snappers and Striped Sweetlips.

This spot is filled with boulders of different shapes and sizes.

38. Sinandigan Wall

The Sinandigan Wall is an underwater macro photographer’s heaven as it is full of different types of Nudibranchs and other stunningly unusual marine life.

Dropping to as low as 30 meters / 99 feet, the wall is a huge rock formation home to a large diversity of fish species which include Moorish Idols, Lizardfish, Zebra Lionfish, Stonefish as well as Powder Blue and Ring-tailed Surgeonfish.

39. Jap Wreck

The Jap Wreck spot features engine block and propeller shaft remains of a World War II Japanese patrol boat.

Located at a sandy bottom around 42 meters / 139 feet, this is a good advanced dive during flood tide.

Living in this photographic wreck are Giant Moray Eels, Silver Sweetlips and Ringtail Cardinal Fish.

40. Verde Island Drop-Off

Verde Island Drop-off is one of the dive sites that cater to all levels of diving experience.

Depth ranges from 0 to 45 meters / 132 feet for beginners up to 0 to 80 meters / 264 feet for Trimix divers.

This is an underwater mountain full of a huge diversity of sea life. Covering the faces of the several areas of this site are Gorgonian Fans, Soft Tree Corals and Basket Sponges, among others.

Other marine life includes Surgeonfish, Fusiliers, Jacks, Tuna, Batfish and an assortment of Eels and Nudibranchs.

41. Black Fish Pinnacle

The top of the Black Fish Pinnacle is quite hard to miss as it is small with a depth of 24 meters / 79 feet.

Once hit, though, a fantastic underwater world awaits full of different sizes of soft corals, Giant Gorgonian Fans, Whip Corals and Giant Basket Sponges.

Fish life here include Batfish, Jacks, Blacktip Reef Sharks and Thresher Sharks.

42. Verde Island Mini Canyons (or Washing Machine)

The Verde Island Mini Canyons (or Washing Machine) is an excellent dive during ebb tide but is also good during flood tide.

Located to the east of Verde Island, this can be reached 20 minutes by boat from Sabang. With a depth range of 5 meters / 17 feet to 27 meters / 89 feet, this is an ideal site for recreational divers wanting to be awed by wonderful rocky coral formations, Basket Sponges, Sea Fans and Siphon Sponges.

The canyons are filled with marine life that would catch an underwater photographer’s fancy – Tubeworms, Sea Squirts, Feather Stars, Wrasses, Parrotfish, Eels, Black and White Frogfish as well as Tuna, Trevallies, and Black and Whitetip Sharks.

43. Chicken Feather Island Hot Spring

Reached by a 30-minute boat ride from Sabang, Chicken Feather Island Hot Spring offers a spectacular experience to recreational divers.

The dive begins at 15 meters / 50 feet with an underwater ledge with caves where Whitetip Reef Sharks are occasionally seen.

A volcanic rock slope then greets visitors with streams of hot water coming from cracks on the surface. There is a thick growth of hard and soft corals that has become a living environment for a diversity of fish species.

44. Chicken Feather Island East Side

Chicken Feather Island East Side, which is a 30-minute boat from Sabang, is a great beginning recreational dive site.

The depth range of this site is from 12 meters / 40 feet to 27 meters / 89 feet. Inhabiting these waters is an abundance of Jacks, Surgeonfish, Lionfish, Eels and Nudibranchs amid striking rock and coral formations.

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