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Dive SItes 23 to 33 Mermaid Resort in Puerto Galera will be your guide!

23. Monkey Wreck

Monkey Wreck was once home to the wooden hull of a large supply boat 24 meters long intentionally sunk back in the early 90s.What’s left at this point is the hull’s skeleton as through the years, parts have been moved by strong typhoons.

The depth of the wreck at around 40 meters/ 132 feet makes it suitable only to advanced and technical divers.

Inhabiting the wreck are Batfish Snappers, Sweetlips, Barramundi Cods, as well as Surgeonfish and small Tuna.

24. Ernie’s Cave

Ernie’s cave is located just west of Monkey Beach and is an ideal dive for beginners.

From shallow waters, it drops to 30 meters / 99 feet where divers can occasionally see the Whitetip Reef Sharks among rocky coral structures covered with Green Tree Corals, Siphon Sponges and Gorgonian Sea Fans.

Good to know: Ernie’s Cave was named to preserve the memory of Ernie, a large Grouper who used to live in a hole at the bottom of this point until years ago when he was last seen.

25. Wreck Point/Dungon Wall

At low tide, Wreck Point is the site where what’s left of a steel wreck of a freighter can be seen.

This site is ideal for multilevel dives as it slopes from 3 meters / 10 feet where the height of the Dungon Wall is to a sandy bottom at 27 meters / 89 feet.

Macro photographers will find this wall a very attractive area for a vibrant assortment of nudibranchs.

The bottom of this dive site lies a 12-meter / 40-foot catamaran deliberately sunk and is now part of the living environment of Angelish, Batfish, Damsels, Anthias, Lizardfish and Lionfish.

26. West Escarceo

Another underwater photography paradise, West Escarceo offers a brilliantly designed assortment of marine life that novice all the way to advanced divers will enjoy.

Depth range is from 3 meters / 10 feet to 24 meters / 79 feet. During flood tide, this site offers an exciting drift dive which leads to the “Hole in the Wall” dive spot.

Abundant in these waters are Staghorns, large Plate and Table Corals, Basket and Tube Sponges which enhance the living environs of Butterfish, Sergeant Majors, Damsels, Pipefish, Moorish Idols, Triggerfish and Pufferfish.

27. Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall is located at the northwestern tip of Mindoro Island around a 10-minute boat ride from Sabang.

There is a hole through a wall at around 12 meters / 40 feet which is safe for divers to swim through and even drift into.

The ideal condition for diving here, though, would be slack tide and preferably with an experienced guide because of strong currents prevalent in this area.

An exhilarating experience of sea life awaits divers who visit these waters. Inhabiting this entire are Snappers, Oriental Sweetlips, Stonefish, Frogfish, Coral Groupers, Remoras, Red Bass, Sea Perches, and Red Emperors as well as an assortment of corals and sponges.

28. The Atoll

To get to The Atoll, one has to take a 10-minute boat ride to the westernmost part of the Mindoro Island where this underwater mini-mountain is located.

This submerged rock formation is surrounded by colorful soft corals, sea fans and siphon sponges.

Although a good site for beginners, experience is recommended to truly experience all that this site has to offer. Depth ranges from 18 meters / 59 feet to 30 meters /99 feet through rock faces and overhangs.

Sea life found here are Moray Eels, Nudibranchs, Scorpionfish, Lionfish as well as Tuna and Jacks who take advantage of the current to feed.

29. Shark Caves

Also to the west of Mindoro Island lie Shark Caves which feature a 5-meter / 17-foot underwater ledge enough for Whitetip Sharks to swim into.

The depth of this site ranges from 25 meters / 83 feet to 30 meters / 99 feet.

Another ledge in this area is home to smaller sharks making this place a great spot for watching these great creatures of the deep.

Apart from sharks, divers will also encounter Spotted Sweetlips, Blue-spotted Stingrays in the middle of an environment of Basket Sponges, Tree Corals and Gorgonian Sea Fans.

30. Joshua’s Wall

An ideal technical and trimix dive during slack tide, Joshua’s Wall is a long wall just off the Horse Head Reef.

Depth ranges from 60 meters / 198 feet to 80 meters / 264 feet.

There’s not much coral growth around this area because of the cold temperature but it is always a delight to spot schools of Midnight Snappers in these waters. Good visibility in this location also gives divers a glimpse of two large atolls.

31, Fish Bowl

Shaped like a stadium, the top of the Fish Bowl is reached by descending through blue water to around 40 meters / 132 feet. It drops to a sandy bottom at 55 meters / 182 feet.

Advanced and technical divers will encounter underwater canyons home to rocky coral formations, Gorgonian Sea Fans, and Black Whip Corals. It is best to dive this spot in flood tide to steer clear of tough currents.

32. The Canyons

Getting to The Canyons only takes a 3-minute boat ride from Sabang.

One of the best advanced dives in the area, there are 3 amazing canyons in this colorful reef with a depth range of 24 meters / 79 feet to 30 meters / 99 feet.

Strong currents make for an exceptional drift dive through healthy populations of Basket Sponges, Giant Gorgonian Fans, Whip Corals, Hard Green Tree Corals and every possible variety of hard and soft corals. During running currents, the fish that converge in this area are Trevallies, Jacks, King Jacks, Tuna, Mackerel, Humpback and Pinjalo Snappers, Batfish, Moray Eels, Whittip Reef Sharks and many others.

33. Horse Head Reef

Horse Head Reef, at the west coast of Sabang, is a large area dive filled with stunning rock formations which include one that resembles a horse’s head, thus its name.

Ideal for advanced recreational and technical dives, depth ranges from 35 meters / 116 feet to 50 meters / 165 feet. Soft Tree Corals, Gorgonian Fans and Whip Corals decorate the area where an exciting drift dive during strong flood tides can put you in the middle of Tuna, Jacks, King Jacks, Hammerheads and Thresher Sharks.

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