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Dive Sites 12 to 22 Mermaid Resort in Puerto Galera will be your guide!

12. Deep La Laguna Reefs

The Deep La Laguna Reefs area highlights a couple of reefs about a 3-minute boat ride from Sabang.

Both reefs are deep, perfect for advanced, technical and trimix dives, with the west reaching 55meters / 182feet and the east dropping to 75meteres / 248feet getting to a sandy valley below.

Abundant in these waters are Surgeonfish, Unicornfish and Fusiliers while occasional sightings of Sharks and Eaglefish have also been reported.

13. Dry Dock

The Dry Dock, a 3-minute boat ride away from Sabang, is a man-mad reef constructed with large steel and plywood best dived during slack tide.

Reaching a depth of 30 meters / 99 feet, the area is inhabited by Sweetlips, Snapperfish, Batfish, Surgeonfish, Pipefish, a Gian Barracuda and Blue Spotted Rays.

14. La Laguna Point

La Laguna Point is a coral reef just off the beach of Big La Laguna about a 3-minute boat ride away.

Generally a recreational and not so deep dive spot at 3 meters / 10 feet to 18 meters / 59 feet, it is still a must sea for advanced divers because of the abundant fish life and vibrant corals seen in this area.

This reef is home to Staghorn and Plate Corals as well as Sweetlips, Surgeonfish, Angelfish, Triggerfish, Lionfish and Scorpionfish. A sandy slope found in this site is inhabited by anemones housing Clownfish and Shrimp.

15. Anton’s Wreck (St. Christopher)

Anton’s Wreck, also known as St. Christopher’s Wreck, is a 2-minute boat ride away.

Intentionally sunk, the cargo boat’s wooden hull serves as an artificial reef at a depth of 18 meters / 59 feet.

The wreck is home colorful marine life such as Juvenile Snappers, Batfish, Blue Spotted Rays and Feather Stars and sponges. While, at night, this site beams with Shrimp and Crab life.

16. M / V Alma Jane

Fairly recently, in March of 2003, steel and wooden hulls of a large Philippine cargo ship was sunk and now sits completely at 30 meters / 90 feet.

Ideal for dive training such as nitrox and wreck, this spot is also a must-dive for underwater photographers as the large fish life swimming around the wreck gives for an inspiring scene.

Inhabiting these waters are Sweetlips, Snappers, Batfish, Jacks, Nudibranchs as well as night creatures giving night diving a whole new world to encounter.

17. Small to Big La Laguna

The Small and Big La Laguna dive sites are located about 2 minutes by boat from Sabang.

During receding tide, currents allow divers to drift through the spectacular underwater landscape.

The seafloor at around 3 meters / 10 feet to 18 meters / 59 feet is covered with hard corals and a variety of species of fish life.

There is also a speedboat wreck in this area which is home to black Frogfish and Sergeant Majors.

Other marine life found here are Sea Fans, Fusiliers, Cardinalfish, Lionfish and Scorpionfish.

18. Sabang Wrecks

Located about 1 minute from the shore, the Sabang Wrecks dive site is excellent for underwater photography, macro and video.

The three wrecks found in this area, so close apart you can swim to each of them within minutes, are home to a huge variety of marine life that tend to interact with divers as they hope to be fed.

Common in these waters are Batfish, Yellowfin Surgeonfish, Wrasse, Pipefish, Damselfish, White-eyed and Snowflake Moray Eels, Flounders, Frogfish and Mantis Shrimp.

19. Sabang Point/Sabang Bay

Sabang Point, located in Sabang Bay, offers an underwater wall starting from 5 meters / 17 feet and dropping to 21 meters / 69 feet. There is an immense variety of coral and fish life in this area giving even beginning divers a wonderful viewing experience.

Decorating these waters are Basket Sponges, Gorgonian Fans, Green Tree Corals, Brain and Plate Corals.

Almost all fish life found in the waters of Puerto Galera are found in this spot including Parrotfish, Sweetlips, Snappers, Anthias, Surgeonfish and Small Tuna brought by currents.

20. Sabang Reef

A perfect site for advanced and technical nitrox diving, the Sabang Reef begins at a hard to find location 45 meters / 149 feet underwater and drops to as low as 65 meters / 215 feet.

Best visited with an experienced guide to actually get to it, slack tide is the most excellent condition to avoid currents from drifting you way off.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful underwater gardens in the area, this site is host to colorful Gorgonian Fans, Whips and Barrel Sponges. Fish life here includes Bannerfish, Barramundi Cod, Sweetlips, Rabbitfish, Batfish as well as Mackerel and Tuna.

21. Deep Monkey Beach

Deep Monkey Beach, located a couple of minutes into deep ocean, is best dived during slack tide and only by advanced and technical divers.

Depth ranges from 45 meters / 149 feet to 75 meters / 248 feet. Inhabiting the area, in a host of Gorgonian Fans, Basket Sponges, Soft Tree Corals, and high Whip Corals, is a variety of fish life which include Sweetlips, Unicornfish, Snappers, Mackerel and Tuna.

22. Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach, a 2-minute boat ride west of Sabang, is a good dive for beginners.

The area is a coral slope from 3 meters / 10 feet ending in a sandy bottom at 18 meters / 59 feet.

This vibrant reef also offers a chance for beginners to try out underwater photography with a variety of subjects in Christmas Tree Tubeworms, Plate Corals, Crinoids, Nudibranchs, Sea Stars and Sea Urchins. Common marine life includes Fusiliers, Harksbill Turtles, Mandarin Fish, and the favorite Pygmy Seahorse.

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