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Dive Sites 1 to 11 Mermaid Resort in Puerto Galera will be your guide!

1. Talipanan Reef

Talipanan Reef, which is located less than 1 kilometer from the shore, is a towering underwater formation with a depth ranging from 15meters / 15feet for advanced recreational dives up to 80meters / 264feet for Trimix dives.

This great dive site has a rich variety of marine life. Sighted in these waters are schools of mackerel, barracuda, and batfish as well as Leopard and Eagle Rays.

Deeper descents allow an encounter with White Tip, Black Tip, and Grey Reef Sharks. While mid water, one can be close to Surgeonfish, Unicornfish and Giant Tuna. There is a big quantity of hard and soft corals shaped by frequent currents passing this area.

2. Manila Channel

A 15-minute boat ride away, the Manila Channel is located between Medio and Boquete Islands.

Although generally a great beginning recreational dive destination, the site offers an enjoyable experience regardless of diving skill because of the assortment of marine life that can be found within these waters. The area demonstrates slight to strong currents but remain mostly consistent throughout.

Spotted here are mid-sized groupers (often camouflaged), Porcupinefish, Clownfish, Pufferfish, colorful Christmas Tree Worms and occasional Sea Turtles. Found in large number are stony hard and soft corals which include Gorgonian Sea Fans, Green Tree Corals as well as a variety of Whip corals and sponges.

3. Batangas Channel

A 10-minute boat ride, the Batangas Channel separates Medio Island from the Mindoro mainland.

The dive here ranges in depth from 5meters / 17feet to 15meters / 50feet. Ocean adventurers of all skill sets should find this location appealing as it offers a drift dive experience depending on the current and the tide.

Divers are treated to strange and unusual rock and coral formations as well as extraordinary marine life like Blue-ribbon Eels and Stonefish. Common around these waters are populations of small tropical fish. In their anemones are Clownfish, Yellowtail fish, Cleaner Wrasse, Parrotfish, Triggerfish and often camouflaged Frogfish.

4. The Hill

The Hill is an interesting dive destination because of its large diversity of corals, fans and sponges. One of the more protected sites in the area, the spot can be reached by a 12-minute boat ride from Sabang.

At around 5meters / 17feet, the peak is inhabited by Green Tree corals, coral heads and sponges, as well as fertile fields of soft corals. The reef then drops to 15meters / 50feet to more fantastic marine life.

An excellent dive during slack water, this is also a perfect spot for macro photography. Common around these waters are a number of species of sea cucumber, vibrant nudibranchs, mandarinfish, lizardfish and butterflyfish.

5. Coral Gardens

Just a 12-minute boat ride from Sabang, Coral Gardens is an underwater garden of hard, soft and sandy head corals and sponges.

A magnificent site for snorkeling as the reef starts in shallow water, it slowly slopes off to as deep as 10meters / 33feet. Ideal for underwater photography because of adequate light reaching underwater, it is truly a site to behold for all types of divers.

A vast number of species of tropical fish are common in the site. Among them are Gobies, Anthias, Pipefish, Angelfish, Lizardfish, Damsels and Rock Cods. Other creatures housed in the corals, rock formations and small caves are Juvenile Wrasse, Moray Eels and, from time to time, the Whitetip Reef Shark.

6. North Point

North Point is located at the northernmost part of Medio / San Antonio Island and is a 10-minute boat ride from Sabang.

Pretty much similar to Coral Gardens, the depth ranges from 5meters / 17feet to 12meters / 40feet. The current may rise during a change in tides but this is still generally a good spot even for beginning recreational divers.

A white sandy bottom of coral and rock formations is a sight to see. Common here are Staghorn corals, Basket sponges as well as Plate corals. These large corals house a lot of types of small fish while turtles and reef sharks are also spotted around these waters.

7. Marcus Cave

A 10-minute boat ride away, Marcus Cave is a Technical / Trimix dive spot located north of San Antonio Island.

Divers have to descend to about 40meters / 132feet to reach the wall and eventually make another drop to the bottom at around 55meters / 182 feet.

Types of whip corals and sea fans line up the way to this scenic cavern. White Reef Sharks are known to occasionally visit while at the entrance of the cave, groups of small fish are common. Also seen here are Marble Rays that sometimes lie in sandy parts of this site.

Good to know: In the cave, a plaque is displayed in memory of a diver named Marcus who, apparently, lived way after his last dive here.

8. Sweetlip Corner

Further out to deep waters, 10 minutes away by boat, a Sweetlip Corner dive is a two-part descent.

The initial descent takes divers to a Whip coral field inhabited by Surgeonfish and Red Emperor fish.

The second descent sends divers to the corner where Yellow-ribbon Sweetlips have taken on a natural habitat. The spot has an opening through the rock which serves as a tunnel leading back to the reef.

Other marine life common during the dive are Reef Sharks, Bull Rays, Emperors and Batfish as well as Dog Tooth Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna.

9. Secret Reef

Secret Reef, about 12 minutes away by boat, is another Technical / Trimix dive spot best visited during slack high tide.

The depth range of this dive is 40meters / 132feet to 65meters / 215feet. It begins with a descent to the bottom which is sandy and slanting. At the end of the incline appears a majestic rocky formation.

Encountered during this whole experience are Long Whip Corals, Basket Sponges, Black Coral, and big fish such as Jackfish, Snappers, Batfish and Barracudas.

10. Mamoods Reef

Mamoods Reef is located about 8 minutes from Sabang and is best visited during slack high tide.

From an amazing patch of basket sponges, fan and whip corals at around 30meters / 99feet, divers are treated to a huge variety of gorgonian fans while dropping to a sandy valley below at around 50meters / 165 feet.

Visitors to this spot will be delighted to see Triggerfish, Sweetlips, Surgeonfish and several species of Moray Eels swimming through the area.

11. Oddie’s Dingding

Oddie’s Dingding or Oddie’s Wall is a tall wall found just off the Manila Channel, a heavy population of deep purple to bright orange Gorgonian Sea Fans, Black Corals, Giant Clams and Barrel Sponges surround the area.

This creates a colorful and lively living space for Sea Snakes, Moray Eels, Triggerfish, Trumpetfish and Fusiliers.

Depth range is from 24meters / 79feet to 45meters / 149feet and is best visited during slack high tide with an experienced guide to help you get through the currents that make this spot a bit difficult to find.

The site got its name from Dive Boat Captain Udilon “Oddie” who discovered it.

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