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Relaxing Weekend Getaway – Mermaid Dive Resort, Puerto Galera

For the budget conscious beach lovers, Puerto Galera will give you the easiest access to a quick and fun summer getaway. Just a 2 hr car ride from Manila and 50 minute boat ride from Batangas, Puerto Galera is a convenient place for relaxing. Anyone who would like to get away from the bustling city life would find this place a tropical treat.

Mermaid Dive Resort at Night

Mermaid Resort Facade

Our Trip

We fetched 16 Russian guests at the NAIA airport and because the group was big, we had to get 3 vans. 3 hours later, we reached Mermaid Resort in Sabang and the Russian guests were welcomed with Tanduay Rhum and fresh watermelon. The guests loved Tanduay so much that it took them only 10 minutes to finish 1 bottle.

Cream Dory Hollandaise

Cream Dory Hollandaise

As I eat my own dinner, I observe the Russians at the next table, drinking more Tanduay (their second bottle) and enjoying their fresh seafood meal. One thing I love about Mermaid resort is their scrumptious food. Because I’m a healthy eater, I love that the resort serves quite a number of healthy but tasty dishes. So for my first meal, I got the Cream Dory Hollandaise with Baked Potatoes.

Seafood is a popular choice in Mermaid Restaurant. Not only is it freshly caught, but it can also be cooked according to your taste. You can pick the seafood of your choice and ask the staff to cook the way you want it. Fresh seafood tastes best when it’s grilled.

There’s also a large selection of meat dishes for meat eaters. An all time favorite is the Pork Mozzarella with Parsley which is served with either salad or potatoes. The crunchiness of the breaded pork and the combination of parsley and mozzarella is mouthwatering!

Since Mermaid resort’s bar is open for 24 hours, I had the chance to try different cocktail concoctions. The Mudslide and Mai Tai are their bestsellers! Of course, I had to try the bartender’s specialty – Long Island Iced Tea!

Bar is 24 hours open

Bar is open for 24 hours

For our second day in Puerto Galera, we went to the Floating Bar – a bar that literally floats. We initially planned to snorkel around the bar but decided to chill and drink ice cold beer instead. Before heading back to the resort, we quickly roamed around the small town to eat Chicken BBQ and to shop for sarongs. For dinner, we feasted on both Chicken and Seafood Sinigang. The soup’s spicy flavor really compliments the tangy tamarind base.

Chicken Sinigang

Chicken Sinigang

We had an early breakfast on our last day because we had to go back to Manila with some Danish guests. On our boat ride to Manila, I was surprised to see dolphins gliding along the boat. Apparently, dolphins are a common sight. Puerto Galera truly has one of the most amazing natural harbors in the world.

Too bad we didn’t have time to go diving and marvel at Galera’s marine biodiversity. But all-in-all, I had a wonderful weekend in Sabang, Puerto Galera. I look forward to doing this again!

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