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Avoiding Seasickness – Puerto Galera Diving

Any diver is susceptible to seasickness. Seasickness, a form of motion sickness, can occur at any given time. This is brought about the rocking motion of a vessel wherein the objects also move with the motion of the vessel. Once it strikes, it may ruin your dive vacation. However, there’s a lot one can do to combat seasickness. It is something you can prevent if you prepare in advance.

Keep your eyes on the Horizon

Maintain a balance by keeping an eye on a land based object or on the distant horizon as a point of reference. Avoid looking at moving objects and do not bow down your head. If you can’t see the horizon and still feel dizzy, just close your eyes and relax. The feeling of anxiety will just heighten your feeling of nausea.  Distract yourself and keep your mind off the situation by talking to your dive buddy. Don’t talk to another person who’s also having motion sickness.

Nibble on Ginger

Ginger is a tried and tested natural remedy for seasickness. If you don’t like to munch on fresh ginger, take the ginger in capsule form or the pickled version. Ginger cookies and ginger candy are also good alternatives.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Alcohol and caffeine can irritate your digestive system.  Limit your alcohol consumption the night before you dive.  To keep yourself hydrated, drink lots of water as soon as you wake up.

Eat Healthy Foods

Avoid foods that are greasy and spicy because it will bring you discomfort later on. Eating healthy and safe meals will reduce the risk of seasickness. Keep something in your stomach so you won’t feel nauseous. Make sure you pack drinking water and snacks to take on board. While on the boat, munch on some crackers. Hunger or thirst can definitely make you queasy.

Take your Time

Take your time adjusting to the water before you jump in. Don’t force yourself to dive if you don’t feel comfortable. Seasickness might eventually fade as you descend into the water. However, don’t put yourself in a situation where you might throw up underwater.

Take Meds

If you know you are prone to seasickness, better consult a doctor before your dive trip so that he can give you the correct medications. Don’t just buy any OTC pills because some might have side effects like drowsiness.

Sit in Front of the Boat

Your position in the craft can prevent seasickness from occurring. It is advisable to sit in front and away from the engine because the fumes can make you more nauseous.

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